Adapt a data-driven electronic health record (EHR)


A data-driven electronic health record (EHR)

Fast & easy online EHR system

Access EHR, anytime from anywhere

Patient registration module

Quick prescription module

Prescription templates & favorite drugs

Custom tags for patients & files

Custom health analytics & interpretations

Patient-level health analytics over time

Insights from practice-level analytics

Securely upload & store records & files

Custom print settings for multiple clinics

Integrated video consultation module

Integrated text consultation module

Payment facility for online consultations

Data-mining for medical/clinical research

Doctors Love Us


ReInsights has converted my EHR into an actionable data tool. Now I exactly know where to focus my efforts to improve outcomes be it at an individual patient's level or practice level at large. I think every clinician who wants to leverage power of data, ReInsights is the best option out there. Highly recommended.

Dr. Uttam Kumbhar
General Physician

One word. FABULOUS. I never realized there were so many research questions hidden within my years of practice data. ReInsghts has shown me how I can uncover them for my research studies.

Dr.Imran Shaikh
Medical Oncologist

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